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The Samaritans is a group of voluntary individuals who are trained in basic first aid and trauma care management. They are trained to be the first responders in times of road accidents in particular and any other calamities and disasters in general.

India has the dubious distinction of being World #1 as far as road accident deaths are concerned. In 2011, for instance, 497,686 road accidents were recorded across the country, resulting in 142,485 fatalities and 511,394 injuries. Almost 29 people died per 100 accidents. The number of road accident deaths has gone up almost ten times from 1970.

Many of us have been witnesses, at some time in our lives, to a victim lying on the road, a victim of an accident. Yet, many of us have walked on by after a mere glance. There are essentially two reasons for this apathy:

1. Most of us do not know what to do when faced with such a situation, and
2. We fear harassment by the Police and do not want to get "involved".

The Government too realises the need to address these two glaring issues and at Whispering Wishes Foundation, we are attempting to do just that - educating people about trauma care and management, and educating them about existing laws on bystander support.

If more bystanders are trained in basic trauma care and management, they will be able to stabilise road accident victims and ensure a faster evacuation to a medical facility through the proprietary Standard Operating Procedure. At least some lives can be saved by following basic and simple protocols in trauma care. There is no need a person needs to die from bleeding or shock or panic or by drowning in his own blood because he was not turned to the side thus preventing the blood flowing back into the lungs, making breathing impossible.

The goal of The Samaritans is to take the Trauma Care and Management Course to as many people as we can to train people the required techniques. When more and more people are trained, more lives can be saved. We hope to make The Samaritans a nationwide movement with more and more people volunteering to be a part of the cause. With more people trained in first aid and trauma care, more lives can be saved.

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