Let not even one life be lost because well-wishers and bystanders did not have the skills required despite their best intentions. We exist to benefit those who cannot help themselves in times of disasters, calamities and accidents by providing the necessary assistance in order to save lives. By offering the gift of life we nurture and protect this wonderful bounty that is an endowment of the Almighty.



Maximise funding while being mindful of overall responsibilities. Utilise profits to train more and more people nationwide.

People Be a great organisation to be involved with, one that inspires people to excel personally and provide a platform for members to be able to fulfill their altruistic ambitions.
Performance Provide a range of services without being motivated by the need for recognition.
Planet Be a responsible global citizen.



Conduct activities and perform responsibilities for the greater good of those who are less fortunate than us, by empowering volunteers to become benefactors of this Nation rather than remaining passive beneficiaries.


Become the benchmark in the first aid and trauma care management space so that The Samaritans is referred to as the formula to emulate, not limited to the quality of services provided, but also as a group of individuals to follow for conscious social responsibility processes.

Membership Objective

Become the place of choice for people at large who are looking for an opportunity to give back to the society that has given them so much, by providing an environment conducive for learning, innovation and lateral thinking.