It is impossible to expect that we can achieve everything by ourselves. We need your support.

You can support The Samaritans in a number of ways. It costs us a lot of money to train The Samaritans and to equip them with the minimum gear and equipment. And this cost is met entirely through the goodness of the heart of donors, both individual and corporate. You can contribute to the cause by donating your money to cover the cost of training. It costs Rs 7,500 to train one Samaritan and the 5-day Courses are in batches of 50 students.

You can also contribute in kind by donating the First Aid Kit for the volunteers.

You can donate ambulances. India is woefully short of ambulances and we are working towards a day when there will patient transport ambulances placed in every colony and one Life Support Ambulance for every ten Patient Transport Ambulances. You can donate these mobile medical facilities.

You can donate by:

1. Wire transferring the money to our Bank Account. The details are as follows:

  Payee's Name Whispering Wishes Foundation
  Bank ICICI Bank
  Branch South Extension, New Delhi
  Current Account Number 664205600016
  RTGS / NEFT / IFSC Code ICIC0006642


2. By sending a cheque or Demand Draft to

Whispering Wishes Foundation
I-1710 Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi 110019