The Samaritans SoP

The Standard Operating Procedure of The Samaritans is quite simple. Anytime anyone anywhere in the country hears of or comes across a situation that requires the intervention of The Samaritans, s/he sends a text message to The Samaritans Control Room through a Mobile App. This information delivery is automated but supervised at the Control Room of The Samaritans in Delhi. An Incident Report is automatically forwarded to

(a) all The Samaritans,
(b) to the nearest Police Control Room,
(c) the ambulance service, and
(d) nearest hospitals and Nursing Homes.

This ensures that the scene of the incident is attended to as quickly as The Samaritan can reach it. And while the police and ambulances arrive at the spot, The Samaritan works to secure and stabilise the victims.

Specifically, The Samaritan's job is as follows:

  • Takes on a leadership role in the vicinity by flashing The Samaritans badge. Time permitting, takes out the poncho and dons it.
  • Assesses the situation quickly – what is the problem, how serious it is, how many victims are there, how seriously injured are they, who requires immediate attention, what kind of intervention is required, etc.
  • Controls the crowd and solicits volunteers – removing onlookers and “thrill seekers”, keeping crowd a safe distance away from the victim(s), asking for volunteer assistants and assessing their potential to assist, etc.
  • Secures the area from further danger to the victim – diverting traffic, moving victim to a safe location if possible, creating a perimeter around the victim, allowing for adequate ventilation, etc.
  • If the victim(s) is conscious, reassures the victim(s).
  • Administers immediate first aid as required – loosening clothes if required, checking for airway obstruction, breathing and heartbeat, stopping bleeding if necessary, administering CPR if necessary, moving the victim to a more comfortable position to prevent chocking and allow breathing, cleaning visible open wounds of debris, etc.
  • Secures the victim as best as the circumstances allow keeping in mind that s/he is a FIRST RESPONDER and not a physician – the job is to secure and stabilise till evacuation takes place.
  • Uses The Samaritans Mobile App (under development) to send the required information:

Incident Report App

  • The information is sent to all the relevant authorities for quick evacuation. While waiting for the Police and ambulance to arrive the Samaritan further stabilises and reassures the victim(s).
  • Once the victim has been evacuated, follow them to the hospital to ensure quick medical intervention and to gather personal information to be able to notify the family.